Fall Fling, Re-plat & Setback Variance Applications, Recycling

Rico Board of Trustees
regular monthly meeting
- February 19, 2020 -

  • Town plans to hire two part-time marshals in March.
  • Sewer committee appointed.
  • Purchase of high-res aerial photo for Rico mapping approved.
  • 2020 Workplan approved.

Trustees present
Nicole Pieterse (Mayor Pro Tem), Brandy Randall, Joe Dillsworth, Sophia Kyriakakis
Trustees absent
Barbara Betts - (Mayor), Esteban Roberts

Fall Fling

Event proposed for September 26 - 27, 2020. Town will consider drafting a Special Use Permit at the next regular monthly Trustees meeting.

Event organizer: Clay Hall.

Performers and Activities (preliminary):

Re-plats & Variances

Consideration of an application to re-plat and setback variance, Lots 6-14, Block 29. Ron Evers - owner, Jeff Gibson - applicant. Reviewed by Rico Planning Commission - February 12th, 2020. Proposal to combine nine rectangular 25-feet wide lots into four lots. New proposed lot sizes are three irregular-shapes at 5000 square feet each; one rectangular at 7500 square feet.

Approved with conditions. Town of Rico sold the Mantz Avenue right-of-way many years ago. Access to Town watertanks is via "Watertank Road," which crosses U.S. Forest Service land. Town has no permit for use of "Watertank Road," but will attempt to obtain from U.S. Forest Service.

- - - - -

broken image

Re-plat proposed location. Dolores County Geographic Information System map with Ore Cart edits.

- - - - -

broken image

Re-plat area before proposed lot-line changes. Dolores County - Rico street map with Ore Cart edits.

- - - - -

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Lots after proposed re-plat. Lots B, C and D irregular shapes are to accommodate septic systems. Applicant's map submitted to Town of Rico - Ore Cart edits to add color lot lines.

Consideration of an application to re-plat Lot 34, Block 24. Strategic Design Group - owner, Erin Johnson - applicant. To comply with Town of Rico Land Use Code lot-

line setback requirement for buildings.


Waste Management no longer offers recyclables pick-up in Rico. Ophir has a community recycling dumpster arrangement with Bruin Waste Management, which also provides trash service. Ophir's recycling program was funded by a Colorado Department of Local Affairs grant. Bruin has an arrangement with U.S. Forest Service to pick-up recyclables at Lizard Head Pass, but does not wish to expand service to Rico.

Bruin Waste Management owns and operates a single stream recycle sorting facility in Montrose, Colorado, according to its website.

Other Agenda Items

Appointment of a Sewer Committee
Gregg Anderson, Pat Drew, Cristal Hibbard, Paul Ruud, Alex Wing. Committee will review potential technologies for the proposed Rico business area sewer and wastewater treatment system.

Town Marshal
Part-time position has two applicants. Town plans to hire both in March. Only one will be on-duty time at a time.

High-Res aerial photo
Request Trustees' approval of a letter of commitment with Montezuma County to allow County to be the fiscal agent on a contract with Pictometry for a high-resolution aerial photo for Rico. Approved. Image will be used for background in Town's ESRI GIS (geographic information system) mapping software.

Consideration of the 2020 work plan

2nd Reading of the Amended 2019 budget

Executive Session
To discuss and determine positions relative to matters that may be subject to negotiations and instructing negotiations regarding Atlantic Richfield/British Petroleum and Town of Rico VCUP agreement.