Sewer/Sanitation System Annual Expenses & Revenues:  
Norwood, Colorado

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Image courtesy of Norwood Chamber of Commerce.

Lists below are presented as an example of rural western Colorado municipal wastewater treatment system operating expenses and revenues, and are not intended to predict results for the proposed Rico sanitation project.

Town of Rico's November ballot sewer and sanitation treatment proposal requests voter approval to borrow up to $3,474,327 for construction of a wastewater treatment plant and sewer mains in Rico's business area. The proposed Rico property tax mill levy increase would generate up to $173,717 annually to repay the loan.

Expenses to operate and maintain the proposed wastewater treatment plant and sewer mains have not been presented to Rico citizens.

Norwood (Colorado) Sanitation District provided its 2018 year-end revenues and expenses summary to Ore Cart today. Results shown in the images below are transcribed from original document, and sorted from least to greatest.

Norwood Sanitation District confirmed that loan repayment costs are not listed because the District has no debts. "Service Charge" listed below is banking electronic deposit and service fees.

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The last item in the list above indicates that Norwood Sanitation District derives most of its revenues (78%) from monthly sewer charges.

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Labor provided by Town of Norwood is the Sanitation District's greatest expense, followed by utilities and lab/testing.