RFPD Cancels July 4 Events

  • November election ballot questions considered.

Bid received for house demolition on recently-purchased adjacent lot.

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Ducks lining-up for a race on the Dolores River -- a popular event at past Rico Fire Department annual July 4 celebrations. Photo-image from Rico Fire Protection District Facebook page.

Rico Fire Protection District

Regular Monthly Meeting

May 18, 2020 - 7:00 PM

video conference


Directors present

Tyler Lapp (Chairman)

Gregg Anderson

Mary Hagan

Susan Robertson

Stacy Sheridan


RFPD Staff present

Todd Jones - Chief

David Kunz - Administrator

In the interest of public safety, Rico Fire Protection District cancelled the 2020 July 4 event schedule at its May 18, 2020 regular monthly meeting.

Town of Rico Board of Trustees will discuss similar action at its May 20 regular monthly meeting. The Town Trustees agenda includes "Consideration of cancellation of 4th of July events."

November general election

RFPD directors and staff discussed two items for possible inclusion on the November general election ballot for consideration by Rico voters:

Suspend District director term limits

Colorado term limits for local government are 2 terms if the terms are longer than 2 years; 3 terms if the terms are for 2 years or less. RFPD director terms are 3 years.

The Gallagher rule may create future vacancies on the RFPD board as incumbents reach the limit terms, if other citizens do not seek election. The only candidates for the May 2020 District director election were incumbents, so the District canceled the election at its March 11, 2020 meeting.


None of the five incumbent RFPD director terms expire in 2021, two expire in 2022, three expire in 2023.

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De-Gallagher property taxes

Colorado residential property taxes could be cut 18 percent next year due adjustments required by the Gallagher Amendment of the Colorado Constitution, according to information obtained by District Chairman Tyler Lapp.


The following explanation of the Gallagher effect is found at Colorado Department of Treasury website


Gallagher Amendment, adopted by Colorado voters in 1982

Under the Gallagher Amendment, the portion of residential property that is subject to taxation (called the "assessed value") drops when residential property values statewide grow faster than nonresidential properties. . . .

Since 1982, residential property values in Colorado have grown faster than nonresidential properties, causing the assessment rate on residential properties to drop from 21 percent in 1982 to 7.96% today.

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The Gallagher amendment prevents residential property taxes from rising excessively as property values increase. In parts of Colorado where residential property value annual gains are less than the statewide Gallagher-mandated taxing rate reduction, local government and district annual property tax revenues fall when a Gallagher adjustment is made. Local government and districts may be required to reduce services to maintain annual balanced budgets.

Other business

A bid of $8,000 to demolish and haul-off the house on the recently-purchased adjacent property has been received. Date for this project is not determined.

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Rico Fire Department received 2 call-outs since the previous monthly Directors meeting: one each to Rico and West Fork.

Trucks are in good shape. A few minor minor repairs were performed to equipment.

EMT classes are nearly completed.

Dolores County has not declared a fire ban at this time, nor is one planned. Fire Chief Todd Jones will monitor this status. Authority of Fire Chief to declare a fire ban is unknown at this time. RFPD will review a potential a potential fire ban with Town of Rico.

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Next Rico Fire Protection District directors meeting

June 15, 2020

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